Early Sunrise over field of mature corn near Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

The Corn Field.

Rows of early corn sprouting up through rich soil near Maytown, Pennsylvania.

Sunrise refracting through early morning dew droplets on young field corn near Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Rows of late summer field corn growing near Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania.

Close-up of mature farmer peeling back the ears of some mature field corn for inspection near Columbia, Pennsylvania.

Combine offloading harvested corn grain into grain wagon on-the-fly near Manheim, Pennsylvania.

Five combines harvesting mature field corn together near Wilmington, Delaware.

Close-up of freshly harvested corn grain being loaded into a tractor trailer for shipping.

Farmer spreading out corn in truck bin as freshly harvested grain is added.

Inspecting quality of corn grain at grain elevator near Cranbury, New Jersey.

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